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Discover how SAP Fieldglass solutions are used across global industries to find, help, engage and manage all types of flexible resources.


Services Procurement Insights 2019: The Big Reveal Unlock more value from your invisible workforce

The Multi-Channel Industry Workforce is Here

Industries throughout the world are experiencing rapid growth and expansion in their contingent workforces, especially within global industries as diverse as energy, technology, healthcare and finance。

There is a rapid shift across all industries in the 21st century for finding, sourcing, engaging, and managing external talent - from project managers to physicians, sales reps to service technicians, engineers to developers.  Across all skillsets and expertise, SAP Fieldglass has the solutions to help manage all external workforces and services procurement functions across a wide variety of industries.

40 percent


Total global workforce classified as independent contractors, freelancers, professional services and temporary workers。

425 billion dollars


Total global contingent labor market revenue per year。

Staffing Companies


Temporary and contract employees are placed by North American staffing companies each year.

Supporting All Industries, Around the Globe

Discover a best-in-class external workforce management and services procurement solution, and learn how to manage the changing workforce in your industry.

aerospace and defense

皇冠体育网Aerospace and Defense

Total visibility of your external workforce is critical in aerospace and defense。

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Find talent you can trust - when and where you need it - to take you beyond traditional banking.

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External Workforce Insights report for Banking ⟩



You're chasing timelines, budgets and subcontractors。 See spend, progress and anything that gets in the way of profitability。

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Tap into a deeper pool of external workers, get greater visibility into spend, and be flexible enough to thrive in a changing insurance marketplace。

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External Workforce Insights report for Insurance  ⟩

oil & gas outsourcing

Oil & Gas

Fueling the planet mandates finding a better way to manage work, cost and safety.

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professional services

Professional Services

Professional services leaders trust SAP Fieldglass to streamline and automate the full external talent lifecycle.

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Rail asset availability is a complex, resource-intensive business. Now, there's a better way to manage contract labor and equipment in the rail industry.

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There's a better way to source and manage contract labor and outsourced services in the utilities industry.

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The SAP Fieldglass Difference

The in-depth experience and insight of an industry leader, scaled for your business.

deep category management

Deep Category Management

Configurable for unique cases and engagement patterns. At SAP Fieldglass, we know every services category is managed differently.  No matter what industry you're in, we make it easy to support diverse services categories and their requirements.

global and local expertise

Global and Local Expertise

Deployed in more than 165 countries.  With the largest footprint in our industry, SAP Fieldglass has developed best practices for expanding our customers' programs around the world and how to manage them in accordance with local labor regulations.

level of effort tracking

Level of Effort Tracking

Assess performance at the supplier and individual worker level。  Evaluate whether projects are being delivered on time, on budget and up to the quality that you expect。

open platform

Open Platform

A flexible framework.  We integrate with a wide variety of systems and solutions - from major enterprise applications to smaller self-developed tools.

comprehensive rate and tax reform

Comprehensive Rate and Tax Reform

Manage complex invoicing and payment processes.  SAP Fieldglass supports a wide variety of global tax rules and ensures that taxes, rate changes and more are applied appropriately.

sophisticated analytics and reporting

Sophisticated Analytics and Reporting

Uncover critical data and insights.  Our comprehensive business intelligence tools meet the diverse information needs of all your user types and help you drive your program forward.

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