Need visibility into workers who aren’t on your payroll?

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Strengthen compliance and reduce risk by gaining visibility into ALL your external workers.

In this uncertain economic environment, you need to maximize business agility and resiliency. We are launching an offer to help.

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With  SAP Fieldglass Worker Profile Management, you can:


See ALL your external talent, including who they are, where they are working, what they are doing, how to contact them, and which company materials they have been assigned.


Automate onboarding activities such as background checks, training and systems access, so external workers can start working productively on day 1.


security and compliance

Automate offboarding activities, such as reclaiming company equipment and switching off workers’ systems access at the end of the contract. This helps you simplify compliance, boost security and reduce risk.

*With the free trial, you can use SAP Fieldglass Worker Profile Management to gain visibility and manage up to 10,000 non-payroll workers for 90 days. The offer includes free implementation services and complimentary enterprise support, so there’s nothing to pay for the first 90 days.

The solution can be implemented in just two weeks, offering excellent time-to-value. 

皇冠体育网At the end of the free trial period, you can decide whether to keep the solution。 

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